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Sandy beach, intense night life!


Laganas is the most popular resort of Zakynthos island, having to offer many different kind of accommodations. It is famous for the big variety of bars, the intense night life and the Caretta turtles.


Laganas Beach

Laganas Beach is located 9km away from Zakynthos Town (about 10min drive). This is one of the longest beaches of Greece as its length is 9km and definitely the most cosmopolitan beach of the island. Laganas beach is sandy with warm, shallow sea water. As it is part of the National Marine park of Zakynthos, it is protected and closes after sunset.


There are several beach bars that provide sunbeds and umbrellas on request. The price is about € 6 for two sunbeds. In a short distance from the beach there are a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes. The access is very easy while plenty of parking space is available.

Water sports are not allowed as this beach has been chosen by the caretta turtles to lay their eggs, yet there are several boats that sail across the gulf going to other beaches nearby. Also the boats for scuba divingset off from Laganas daily. 

Ideal for

Laganas beach is ideal for families, couples and groups of friends who wish to have fun on Zakynthos island and are fond of crowded beaches (from 15 July to 10 September). It is perfect destination for those who wish to spend their holiday in a resort with intense night life, young people and couples will have an amazing time here.


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Trips you mustn't miss

* Boat trip to Navayio and the Blue Caves: stops for swimming and photographs


If you wish to be informed about all the trips we provide, trust our team and visit our web site!


Sights and activities

See the caves, Mizithres rocks and the turtles during a boat  trip  to Marathonisi, reaching the island you will have the chance to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Do not forget to get your supplies before the trip as there is not a canteen in Marathonisi. Keep in mind that Marathonisi is protected because of the turtles therefore you cannot stay after sunset.

Cameo island is worth while to be visited. It is easily accessed by a wooden bridge at Agios Sostis port. Finally there is the Olive Press museum, located in Lithakia. You will have a guided tour and learn about the production of oil in the past times while you will taste home made bread, olives and local wine.



There are  a lot of fast food places along the main road of Laganas, ideal for a quick bite during the day or even for a night outing. Also, there are a lot of traditional  taverns that serve delicious dishes of greek cuisine and restaurants with a great variety in their menu (greek and international cuisine) while the staff of the restaurants are always polite and hospitable. In case you wish to have a more peaceful meal then choose one of the restaurants located on the beach and enjoy your dinner together with the soft sound of the waves.



There is a wide variety of shops where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, hand made leather shoes, local products like pasteli and mantolato.



Laganas is famous for its intense night life. Beach bars, night clubs open for the whole night, happenings, parties and also well-known Djs.

Laganas is a coastal resort situated in the northern side of Zakynthos Island, in the distance of 8km from Zakynthos Town and port , while the aiport is 7km away.


You will find in Laganas:

A developed sandy beach with warm, shallow sea water

* A variety of beach bars that serve snacks and beverages

* The ''fun train'' that passes among the olive trees, traditional villages and historical sights

* A wide range of restaurants that serve Greek and International dishes

* Intense, cosmopolitan night life with a lot of bars and clubs


Trips you mustn't miss:

* Boat trip to Navayio and the Blue Caves: stops for swimming and photographs

If you wish to be informed about all the trips we provide, trust our team and visit our web site!


The locals suggest

* Visit the beautiful, tiny island of Cameo, accessed by a wooden bridge in Agios Sostis port.

* Take a tour in Aristeon press olive museum in Lithakia ( 5km away from Laganas) and see step by step the procedure of oil production.

How to reach to Laganas


KTEL (public local buses)Laganas is 7km away from the airport of Zakynthos and 8km from Zakynthos town. You can use the local buses that run quite often from and Zakynthos town.


TAXI: The best way for your transfer to Laganas from the airport or the port of Zakynthos is by using a taxi that you can easily book through in reasonable prices.