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A wild place full of beauty & authenticity!


The village of Volimes is located in the northern Zakynthos, 32klm from Zakynthos town (48min drive) and 34klm ( 50min drive) from the airport.

The green pinewoods, the olive groves and the local vineyards compose the scenery that surrounds Volimes, the biggest and actually capital of the mountain Zakynthian mountains.


Volimes beaches

The beaches of Volimes have maintained their virgin, a bit wild beauty. Keep in mind that most of them are not developed and the sea water is quite deep if you have young children.


* The beach of Agios Nikolaos is very popular. There are taverns nearby and sunbeds with umbrellas.

* Xigia is a beach with pebbles while there is a great percentage of sulfur in the deep sea water . Some sunbeds are available there and you can buy coffee or snacks from the canteen near the beach.

* The picturesque scenery and the tiny caves make Makris Yialos beach the ideal place for snorkelling. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas though.

* Volimes is located very close to Navagio and the Blue Caves, both accessible by boats leaving from Agios Nikolaos port. The scenery there is magical, the sand is white and the sea water is clear blue.

* Porto Roxa, Porto Limnionas and Porto Vromi are some other beaches famous for their natural beauty, worth while to be visitedas they are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.


Ideal for

Volimes is the perfect destination for those who wish to spend their holidays in a traditionally built village, swimming into the deep, blue sea . The place is not ideal for younger children though, as the shallow, warm sea water is not met here.


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Sights - Activities

The village of Volimes is traditionally built with stones houses, surrounded by a scenery of rare natural beauty. From Volimes you can visit Kampi and admire the view especially the time the sun sets. The Mycenaean cemetery is near Kampi. The visitors can learn the history of the graves and the findings from the excavations  by the informative signs there.


We as locals suggest you to visit the monastery of Saint Dennis in Anafonitria, Agios Georgios Ton Gkremnon and Saint Andreas monastery in Mesovouni all places of great religious importance. Do not miss a visit at Askos natural park where special zakynthian plants, animals and birds can be seen.

Finally you can take the ferry from agios Nikolaos port and visit Kefalonia the neighboring Ionian island.There are boats every day.


In Volimes you can taste fresh fish, sea food and traditional greek dishes. The taverns are situated very close to the sea or up in the mountain offering together with the food an amazing view. The restaurant Nobelos Bio serves more gourmet cuisine and delicious home made sweets in a little higher prices.



In Volimes there are some shops located either at the port of Agios Nikolaos or the centre of the village. Mini markets are available for the daily supplies while there are also some shops with souvenirs. At the centre of the village the Tsoukalas traditional sweet shop is located. There you can buy delicious zakynthian sweets like mantolato and pasteli. Fyrthermore, local wine, honey,olive oil and the unique ladotiri (spicy zakynthian cheese) are on sale. The hand made on the loom  table cloths, carpets and embroiderries are on display.



Volimes is the ideal place for relaxation, therefore the entertainment choice is a bit restricted. There are only some taverns that serve coffee too. In Agios Nikolaos port you will find Regatta Yacht club where you can have dinner or just sip a cool drink viewing the blue sea.

Volimes is located about 32 klm from Zakynthos Town ( 48min drive), 34klm (50 min drive) from the airport and quite close to the famous Navagio. The combination of the green mountain and the blue sea water compose a particularly impressive scenery, especially for the nature lovers.


You will find in Volimes:

* See Navagio (Shipwreck) from the ploatform situated above it and take pictures of amazing beauty.

* Swim in Xigia beach and enjoy besides the scenery a natural spa in this unique sea water that contains sulfur. 

The locals suggest

* Have a meal in one of the taverns situated next to the beach and taste fresh fish or delicious sea food looking at the same time at the blue sea.

How to reach to Volimes


KTEL (local bus): Volimes is 34 km from Zakynthos airport and 32 km from the city. For your transportation to and from the town of Zakynthos you can use the local bus.


TAXI: The best way for your transfer to Volimes, from the airport or the port of Zakynthos is using taxi or mini bus, which can be booked easily and cheaply with the