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Tsilivi is very close to both Zakynthos town and the south-north beaches of the island.


Tsilivi beach

Tsilivi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos island, situated very close to other smaller ones (BoukaTragaki, Amboula, Psarou, Drosia). The sea water is warm, clean ( blue flag 2015 ) and shallow. Therefore, it's absolutely safe for younger children. The more adventurous visitors among us can try the water sports offered ( jet ski, canoeing, sea pedal, parasailing) or just relax in one of the many beach bars. The cost to hire two sunbeds - one umbrella is about 6 euros while in some bars they are free.


Ideal for

The younger children will love Tsilivi as the sea water is warm and shallow besides the activities offered for them. There are seven different water slides in Tsilivi Water Park, playgrounds and especially constructed places where children can play in safety. Except for the families Tsilivi is ideal for couples and groups of friends who wish to stay in a central resort.


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Tsilivi is a coastal touristic resort on the south-eastern part of Zakynthos island. Zakynthos town is in the distance of 5km while the airport is 9km away. 


In Tsilivi you find:

* developed beach with sand and shallow sea water.

* Several beach bars that serve drinks, beverages and snacks. They also rent umbrellas and sunbeds to the visitors.

* A variety of water sports like jet ski, canoeing, sea pedal, parasailing

* Bars and cocktail bars with music of the 80's and 90's, karaoke nights and immitation of famous stars nights.

* Have a fun day at the amazing Tsilivi Water Park! There is a whole children's area with pool and games (octopus, dolphins,elephants,mushrooms etc).

* Visit the Milanion Nautical Museum with pictures and exhibits from the history of the Greek Navy.


Trips you mustn't miss:

* VIP trip around the island: stops for swimming and pictures


For further information for all the trips organised on Zakynthos island,trust our team and visit our site !


The locals suggest

* Pay a visit from Adamion pottery factory in the village of Marineika. You will find handmade pottery inspired from the nature and the zakynthian tradition. You can also watch the whole procedure and make your own pottery on request.

* Take horse riding lessons, appropriate for children also. Ride a horse next or even into the sea

Suggested hotels in Tsilivi

Trips you mustn't miss

* VIP trip around the island: stops for swimming and pictures


For further information for all the trips organised on Zakynthos island,trust our team and visit our site !



Sights - Activities


Walking just for 300m from Planos village  you will find the Milanio Nautical Museum with interesting historical exhibits, photos and paintings from the heroes of  the greek navy. Pay a visit to Adamion Pottery workshop where you can buy some pottery or make your own. Concerts and performances are put on the poen air theatre of Dermatousa ( 3 klm from Planos). The nature lovers can enjoy a ride among the olive trees or take lessons at the local riding school.

Children will love the Water park of Tsilivi with seven water slides, water jungle, a pirate ship and an especially constructed for children swimming pool. A golf course, a scuba diving school and a football 5x5 field (Kipseli) are also available.



Tsilivi is a cosmopolitan resort with a wide variety of restaurants, taverns or fast food places, along the main road. You can taste greek, italian, international cuisine, fresh fish, seafood, pasta, pizza, souvlaki, pitta giros in reasonable prices.

Also home made sweets and icecream are served there.



The market  of Tsilivi is busy, offering a great variety of stores. Supermarkets, mini markets selling fruit and vegetables, souvenir shops, local products like oil, honey, pasteli, mantolato, clothes shops, jewellery, hand made ancient greek style sandals, leather bags, gas stations and pharmacies are situated along the central road of Tsilivi.





Tsilivi has a great variety of bars, beach bars, clubs, karaoke clubs, that serve drinks and snacks. Most of the bars have widescreen Tvs for the important athletic events while there are party happenings, live greek music, dancing, Elvi's nights, hits of 80's and 90's. The prices are reasonable ( beer 3-3.5 euros) and kids can have children's cocktails without alcohol.


Furthermore Zakytnhos town and Argasi offer a more intense life. 

How to reach to Tsilivi


KTEL (Local Bus): Tsilivi is 9 km from Zakynthos airport and 5 km from the city. For your transportation to and from the town of Zakynthos you can use the local bus.


TAXI: The best way for your transfer to Tsilivi, from the airport or the port of Zakynthos is using taxi or mini bus, which can be booked easily and cheaply with the