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Relaxing Massage in your place !

The ideal choice for those wishing to relax and feel refreshed!

Experience the absolut relaxation!

While being on holiday in one of the most beatiful destinations worldwide, take advantage of the natural beauty,  enjoying an experience of luxury beauty treatment and relaxation.

The experience of the relaxing massage

Τhis a special massage that focuses on the absolute relaxation. Leave yourselves at the hands of the experienced masseurs and forget the pressure and the tension of the daily routine. You can choose the place where you will feel more comfortable either it is the place of a spa or the room of your hotel, spoiling yourselves with this unique gift.

The relaxing massage is a treatment with the purpose to soothe and relax. All contribute to feeling good and revitalised, the appropriate environment, the soft music, the hot fluffy towels and the essences used.


The masseurs:

Our experienced masseurs of Liberta Mentale are dedicated to provide services of high quality. They are specialised on various massage techniques which can be combined in order to offer you the treatment that fits your needs.

The place will have been prepared appropriately for you while the result will combine hygiene with luxury for on unforgettable and absolutely refreshing experience.


Prices per person:

Session for 35΄, the price is 45 €

Session for 60΄, the price is 80€

Session for 90΄, the price is 110€



Contact Number: +30 26950 29700 – +30 26950 41480 


Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00


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Book your massage at least 12 hours before the desired date and time of your session, so that there is for you a masseur available.


Please inform us in case of cancellation or change of time at least three hours before the session. Failing to do so there will be an extra charge of 50% of your treatment value.



You can choose where the session will take place (at your hotel, villa, yacht etc). During the session the masseur covers with a towel the body leaving uncovered only the part of the treatment.

You can also choose the music during your session.


Choice of the masseur

There are experienced masseurs men and women. If you wish to have either a man or a woman masseur, please inform us during the reservation. You are not obliged to talk to your masseur during the session. In case you have a question or you wish to stress something concerning the treatment then the masseurs will be happy to answer  your questions.



Please inform the masseurs for bruises , injuries or parts of the body that are in pain, before the treatment. For your own safety you are kindly requested not to have consumed alcohol or food before the session.

All Services take place in places you choose

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